Edge Core ST2100 Customized Telecom Cabinet

Edgeware also provides a one-stop Telecom Cabinet solution. Our Telecom cabinet solutions usually start from customer needs and customize them according to their actual scenarios. Configure the battery, rectifier, switching, routing, DWDM equipment, etc. required by the customer, and then deliver it to the customer in the form of All in One, so as to achieve the purpose of running the customer site when it is turned on.


Edgeware’s powerful Convergence software platform also provides powerful monitoring and management functions for the entire system. We can monitor the input of the whole machine, lightning protection, rectifier, battery, temperature and humidity and other parameters to realize remote maintenance  and fault location.



All in One Telecom Cabinet

Ingress Protection


Enclosure Material

Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel


Mode 1 :800mm*800mm*1800mm(W*D*H)

Model 2: 905mm*1080mm*2105mm(W*D*H)

Power System

Depends on Configuration

1750W-27000W Recommended

Internal Space


Can split into Device Cabin and Battery Cabin based on Customer Request


Front Door and Back Door


Air Conditioner based on Requirement 

300W-4000W Cooling Capacity

Monitoring and Alarm

Power System Monitoring

Network Status Monitoring 

Environment Control and Monitoring

Battery System Monitoring

Door Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor , Battery Temperature Sensor, Water Leakage Sensor, Smoke Sensor


Remote Door Control

Shock and Shaking Sensor


AGM GEL Battery

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery ( Edgeware can provide solution with BMS integrate to whole system management)

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