12kw Outdoor UPS for Altice Wireless Base Station Power Backup

Altice Europe N.V. (commonly known as Altice) is a French international telecommunications and media company. Edgeware, as a partner of Alitce, provides solutions for Power, Small Cell and other aspects for a long time.

Edgeware successfully provided Dominican Altice with a complete set of wireless base station RRU Outdoor UPS systems. The overall capacity of the system reaches 12KW, equipped with a set of 4 12V100AH battery packs. The system mainly includes the following components:

(1) Outdoor UPS Cabinet

(2) Outdoor UPS Cabinet Pole Mount Accessories

(3) DC UPS System with 12KW . 3+1 backup

The system is also equipped with a full set of Edgeware Outdoor cabinet monitoring unit, which can provide customers with full Monitoring and management functions of Outdoor UPS enclosure system.