Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Product

Edgeware Standard Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

In addition to being committed to edge network energy solutions, Edgeware also provides customers with various outdoor telecom cabinet solution. Such as wireless base station RRU backup power system, outdoor telecom core node, outdoor large-scale UPS or photovoltaic node. Edgeware is able to provide customers with all in one solutions, and at the same time make in-depth customization based on customer needs.

Power Backup/Power Bank Cabinet

Edgware also provides customers with a one-stop Outdoor Power Cabinet solution. Our working method is mainly to configure equipment with corresponding power according to the needs of customers, and customize it for the scene, and finally deliver it in a one-stop manner in the form of All in One Cabinet.
In terms of Power Cabinet, Edgware is widely deployed in the global operator market. We can provide rectifier, Hybrid system, inverter, UPS of all levels of power. At the same time, we can provide customized lithium batteries, or various standard batteries as agents. Based on Edgeware’s Convergence software platform, we can provide customers with a powerful end-to-end solution.