Edgeware Outdoor Power Management Platform – Convergence Software Platform

Edgeware Outdoor Power Management Platform
Convergence Software Platform

Edgeware grows and iterates together with customers in the global market. Our common experience has found that the deployment, operation and maintenance of outdoor edge sites are very difficult. The main challenges are as follows:

  • Some of our customer’s outdoor site deployment does not use Edgeware’s All in One design, which is not a one-stop delivery. As a result, each brand of equipment in the outdoor site is different, and there is no unified network management platform for management, resulting in extremely complicated daily maintenance work.
  • When there is a problem, the problem can only be solved at the site. However, in many cases, the location of the edge access site is in rural area, and the cost of arrival is very high.
  • The point of failure cannot be determined without on site inspection. However, after identifying the point of failure, engineer had to go back to the headquarters to get the spare parts, and then install them again at the site. Repeated arrivals have led to the high cost of Opex.
  • Even if some customers install their own network management system, they also integrate equipment from different brands for monitoring. But because of the discontinuity of the equipment, it still brings a lot of difficulties for troubleshooting.
  • The sites are widely distributed and the number is large, but the monitoring is weak, and OPEX costs have increased sharply.
  •  In the future, with the popularization of IoT, 5G, Starlink and other technologies, the trend of wireless will make the trend of site fragmentation more obvious, and the number of sites will increase sharply. If we don’t manage them well, the OPEX will increase rapidly.

Therefore, Edgeware believes that outdoor deployment needs to consider CAPEX and OPEX. OPEX is an important factor that cannot be ignored in the overall project. Based on this background, Edgeware has developed a complete set of software management platform Convergence Software Platform based on its All in One Power Solution, which has the following characteristics:

(1) Site distribution based on Google GIS

(2) Site full-function monitoring and statistics

(3) Remote control of site power

(4) Solar site remote control, power generation, electricity consumption, and charging statistics.

(5) Graphical statistical trend

(6) Keep open access to products of different brands based on the project

Management based on Convergence Software Platform will greatly reduce the OPEX of outdoor sites and help you achieve commercial success.

Based GIS Site Monitoring

Detail Alarm Statistic

Site List Based on Group or Project

Site Monitoring( Continuous End-to-End Monitoring)