6KW Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Off Grid Solar System EPU49K-AS135

6KW Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Off Grid Solar System EPU49K-AS135

6KW EPU49K-AS135 Outdoor Telecom Cabinet Off Grid Solar System Overview

EPU49K-AS135 off grid solar system is designed to work in outdoor telecom cabinet scenairo. This solar power system is designed for solar power based outdoor telecom applications. The solar system is designed to be compatible with a 19-inch rack and is 5U in height.The maximum output current of the system is 150A, when it is configured as N+1 back up , its max power is 6KW. If you don’t configured it with N+1, the maximum output power is 9KW. The product is fully digitally designed with high reliability, high power density and high performance.

The system adopts modular design and supports hot-swappable online maintenance. Can be installed in 19-inch racks. Compatible with most outdoor telecom applications.

EPU49K-AS135 Off Grid Solar System Features

  • Wide input voltage range: 120~ 420VDC MPPT
  • Compact structure, full front operation, support indoor embedded installation, outdoor telecom cabinet installation
  • The solar module adopts full digital control, and the efficiency is over 96%
  • Both solar module and monitoring support hot-swappable technology, easy to install and maintain
  • Complete battery management functions: it can realize functions such as temperature compensation, automatic voltage regulation, stepless current limiting, battery capacity calculation, online battery testing and battery low-voltage protection
  • Network design, can provide RS485/232, TCP/IP, dry contact and other communication interfaces, flexible networking, can be selected according to actual needs, to achieve remote monitoring, unattended functions, complete energy-saving sleep function, and further Improve system efficiency
  • Perfect Solar, DC side, signal side lightning protection design
  • Complete fault protection and fault alarm functions
  • Designed for the Harsh Environment in Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

EPU49K-AS135 Off Grid Solar System Specifications