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About Edgeware

We focus on edge network power solutions. We are experts in outdoor power solutions. We provide customer with All in One Power Solution that integrates application, network and power. We uphold the concept of One Stop, All in One, and precise customization for the scenario. We look forward to working with you to realize Edge to the Convergence.

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Why One Stop ?

Problem of Traditional Outdoor Edge Network Power Solution Building 

  • Has to break down the requirement and purchase in different providers.
  • The design and purchase is like a maze.
  • The on site integration is like puzzle, you never know how it will be , how it will work and how long it will work.
  • No provider is responsible for overall

 Edgeware One Stop Delivery 

  • Early participation in the project design.
  • End to end providing, one stop purchase.
  • Customization and integration for you.
  • On site integrated products, reduce on site work.
  • We will be responsible for overall.

Why All in One?

We are facing a world where outdoor edge applications are becoming more and more complex. The network is evolving rapidly, but the supporting power system is greatly out of touch.

The functions of outdoor scenes are becoming more and more complex. If the various scenes are not integrated, the OPEX of customers will increase sharply. Therefore, Edgeware believes that it is responsible for providing an All in One Solution to integrate edge network applications, network and power. Namely our All in One Power Solution:

Why Customization?


We believe that the application of edge networks is complex and the scenarios are diverse. No standard product can meet all needs. Customers always want to customize case by case to get the most suitable product for them. Unfortunately, there is no such manufacturer on the market to satisfy customers.

We are willing to work with customers to customize products based on project scenarios, test products and finally realize products. When you put forward custom requirements to us, you selflessly share the inspiration idea with us. Can greatly promote our own research and development and iteration.

Our Experience and Market Steps

Edgeware’s products have been working in major telecom operators and are active in major networks. With the help of the global carriers, Edgeware has gradually matured from an ignorant newcomer to the industry. We always design our products with carrier level quality as the standard, and serve customers in various countries by relying on quality and high reliability.

Edgeware always listens to customers with a humble beginner’s mentality, and develops innovative products based on customer needs. Because of our consistent efforts, our footprints have spread to more than 30 countries and regions.


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