Anti theft for Outdoor Cabinet|Outdoor Cabinet Door Remote Control|Battery Cabinet Burglar Proof

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Edgeware customers around the world have asked us what better way to prevent theft than with a mechanical lock. Especially in developing countries, customers’ various Battery Cabinets with batteries will encounter the problem of battery theft. Our customers have also thought of various ways to solve this problem, such as GPS battery, strengthening the three-point mechanical lock and so on. But it didn’t work. Edgeware analysis believes that Anti theft for Outdoor Cabinet cannot be considered from one-way defense, but must be comprehensively considered from the cost-effectiveness of the entire solution. A large defensive effect can be achieved with a small cost. After all, if you invest a very high cost, you can achieve 100% defense, but if this cost exceeds the sum of CAPEX and OPEX after the battery is stolen, then this matter becomes meaningless.

We consider the Battery Cabinet Burglar Proof to be a comprehensive solution. From the experience summarised by the projects in Latin America, the main points are as follows:

(1) Install a shock and vabration sensor in the cabinet, or install a camera to detect the actions of thieves early.

(2) When the thief starts to act, lock the cabinet door to prolong the time for the thief to open the cabinet and steal the battery as much as possible. Buy time for the guard to arrive.

(3) After the security team receives that the software platform detects the thief’s actions, it will come to the station to protect and capture the thief.

(4) Door of cabinet can only be controlled by the management software platform for Outdoor Cabinet Door Remote Control, and cannot be simply opened through the mechanical lock of the site, preventing the internal corruption of the maintenance team from leaving the key to the thief gang.

Edgeware’s outdoor cabinet solution is designed with alarm, mechanical lock and magnetic lock. The alarm is activated when the cabinet is stolen, and the magnetic lock can only be remotely controlled by Edgeware’s Convergence Software Platform.