Customized Power Output from Edge Span Ruggedized UPS|DC UPS Power Supply|Off Grid System

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Edgeware’s Edge Span U series can be used as a ruggedized UPS, or as a DC UPS power supply. Edge Span S series can be used as Off grid system. In these scenarios, customers often need customized power output from Edge Span. Because whether it is in ruggedized UPS, DC UPS power supply or Off grid system, it is inevitable to encounter a variety of equipment, and the power supply mode is different. For example, different types of sensors are DC12V, and legacy cameras may also require AC24V and DC24V power supplies. DC36V is also not uncommon. In this case, we can provide customized power output on the Edge Span series, so that customers do not need to add various adapters, all in one, plug and paly.