DC UPS Integrated system 3000W-18000W Rectifier Outdoor Power System Designed for RRU Power Backup

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This is our high-power outdoor power backup solution designed for an operator customer, which is a DC UPS Integrated system 3000W-18000W. When the power demand is greater than 3000W, there is no way to meet it through the IP65-level Edge Span. We will also provide our customers with an outdoor power backup solution of IP55 level to cover the needs of 3000W-18000W level. The system in the video realizes the customer’s 3000-18000W power backup solution by integrating the DC Power System and adding a rectifier module. We generally use this type of large-scale power backup solution in the RRU Power Backup scenario for operator customers. We usually recommend customers to use the 304 stainless steel solution to avoid the Rusting problem to the greatest extent.