Edgeware Rectifier Module ECMR483000HG2A High Efficiency

The high-efficiency rectifier module not only saves energy, reduces operating costs, but also has excellent performance and reliability.

The ECMR483000HG2A high-efficiency rectifier module uses all-digital DSP control technology and the latest switching technology to achieve a conversion efficiency of up to 96%. It has the advantages of wide input range, high power density, hot swap, perfect input and output protection, and input and output soft start.

The module has a depth of 286mm, a height of 1U, and a power density of 39W/inch3. It is suitable for various cabinets and wall-mounted boxes and reduces installation volume.

The rectifier module and the monitoring unit adopt CAN communication to realize the control, adjustment and alarm functions of the rectifier module.

AC Input
Rated Voltage120 VAC,200 VAC ~ 250 VAC
Input Voltage Range85 VAC ~ 300 VAC
Input Frequency45 Hz ~ 65 Hz
Max Input Current18A
Power Factor>0.99 20%~100% Load Range
THD5%:50% 100% Load @220 VAC
DC Output
Output Voltage-42 VDC ~ -58 VDC
Output Power3000W Max
Output power derated with Input VoltageSee the voltage derating diagram on the right
Output Current56.1 A @ -53.5 VDC
Output Current Limit Set Point0~ 56.1 A
Peak Efficiency96.17%@230Vac
Control and Monitoring
Module AlarmCAN port to communicate with system monitoring unit
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +75° (See derating curve)
Storage Temperature Range-40°C to +75°
Humidity0 to 95%
Altitude3000 meters full power

EN55032  CLASS A



IEC 61000-3-3

EnvironmentROHS 6, REACH, WEEE

IEC/EN 60950-1

IEC/EN 62368-1