Edge Equation Lite S300 All in One Outdoor Solar Cabinet

500W Outdoor Solar Modular Cabinet

One Equation Unlock Everything

Product Overview

Edge Equation Lite S300 is solar powered all in one outdoor cabinet designed for the edge network power solution.

The emergence of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, AI, and edge computing has greatly changed the richness of outdoor applications. However, the diversity of outdoor applications makes the deployment scenarios of outdoor edge network nodes diverse and complex. The new generation of outdoor edge node Edge Equation Lite Modular Cabinet developed by Edgeware is designed for this scenario, simplifying the outdoor deployment of the edge network, adapting to complex and changing scenarios, and providing the following key functions:

(1) System lightning protection

(2) solar and backup power

(3) Battery

(4) Backhaul network

(5) Whole system monitoring

The evolution trend of outdoor applications is getting faster and faster. With the gradual maturity of technologies such as 5G, IoT, and Starlink, it can be seen that more and more outdoor applications will appear in the future. Different applications have different requirements, which increases the complexity of outdoor deployment.


The core functions of outdoor applications also tend to become more complicated, requiring a one-stop solution for power supply, network backhaul, installation, operation and maintenance, and environmental challenges.


The complexity of applications and the complexity of core functions make outdoor deployment full of challenges.


Edge Equation Lite S300 Outdoor UPS Cabinet Internal Structure

The structure of Edge Equation Lite Outdoor UPS Cabinet is based on slots, and each functional slot is divided and solidified. The overall structure is compact, miniaturized as much as possible to simplify installation and maintenance. In the slot design, the following slots are fixed slots:

  • SCU(Solar Controller Unit)
  • BTU(Battery Unit)
  • MCU(Monitoring and Control Uni)
  • SPP(Signal and Power Panel)
  • Customer Device Slots

Although the overall fixed slot design, it can be customized, enlarged and reduced according to the actual project needs of the customer.

The structure is made of stainless steel to adapt to the complex outdoor conditions. The overall protection level reaches IP55.



Dimension Outside


Size can be customized

Dimension Inside


Size can be customized

Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel

Ingress Protection




Fixed Slots

Sollar Controller Unit(SCU 1.5U)

Battery Unit(BTU can be customized )

Monitoring and Control Unit(MCU 1U)

Signal and Power Panel(SPP 1U)

POE Switch Unit(1U)

 Flexible Slots

Customer Device Slot

(Default 4U Can be Customized bigger)

System Architecture of Edge Equation Lite S300 Outdoo Solar Cabinet

The whole system of Edge Equation Lite S300 outdoor solar cabient is based on slots design with best space usage efficiency. Each slot is highly integrated with their respective functions, and the entire system is interconnected in the form of a motherboard through the SPP slot to minimize cabling problems in general outdoor cabinet solutions. The system is divided into two parts: fixed slot and variable slot, SCU, BTU, MCU, SPP and customized customer equipment space. To ensure that standardized requirements are more reliable, and the architecture can adapt to customer customized requirements.

The main function units are as followings:

  • SCU as Solar Unit provides the 500W mppt solar power as well as surge protection, short circuit protection functions.
  • BTU as Battery Unit provides backup battery power to the system. In solar scenario , battey is customized based on customer scenairo.
  • MCU is the control and monitoring unit provides the monitoring for the whole cabinet system. This unit will communicate with Edgeware Convergence Platform to provide remote monitoring and management functions.
  • SPP is the slot that provide the interconnection of the whole system.
  • Device Space as Customer Device Service Slots provides the space for your devices that will install in our cabinet. This space is changeable based on your request.




Edge Equation Lite S300 Outdoor UPS Cabinet



Application Scenarios

Outdoor Cabinet,

Outdoor Power Solution,

Outdoor Solar Cabinet,

Power Storage Cabinet,

Video Surveillance Cabinet,

CCTV Power Cabinet ,

Satellite Power Cabinet,

Satellite Site Power Backup, Outdoor

AI Site Power Backup,

Outdoor Edge Computing Power Backup,

Smart City Power Solution,

IoT Aggregation Site Power Backup,

Telecom Outdoor Site,

Remote Education Outdoor Site

Cabinet Basic  Specification

Dimension Outside


Size can be customized

Dimension Inside


Size can be customized

Fixed Slots

Solar Controller Unit(SCU 1.5U)

Battery Unit(BTU Customized Battery)

Monitoring and Control Unit(MCU 1U)

Signal and Power Panel(SPP 1U)

Flexible Slots(Can be Customized based on Customer)

Customer Device Slot

(Default 4U Can be Customized bigger)


Cabinet Material

Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel

Ingress Protection



Long life FAN controlled based on temperature

1+1 Backup

Solar Controller Specification

Rated Input Voltage

Start up 24V, Rated Voltage 36V

Max Input Current


MPPT Controller Rated Power


System Main Voltage


Other Voltage Options



Battery Type Supported

Lithium Battery/AGM/GEL

Battery Unit Capacity (BTU)

Customized Base on Customer Scenario 

System Monitoring

Power System Monitoring

Solar Controller 

Protection System Monitoring

Surge Suppressor, Smart Breaker

Environment Control

FAN Control based on Temperature

Cabinet Defending

Cabinet Door Defend

Defend Alarm

Battery Management

Battery Management System

Software Platform

Software Platform

Edgeware Convergence Software Platform

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