Edge Network Power is Dragging the Network Evolution - Use Off-Grid Solar System

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Edgeware’s goal is to provide customers with All in One, customized power solutions for application edge or ToB edge.

(1) Solar Power Box

Our Eege Span S60 series is the best Solar Power Box for 5G ToB edge or Application Edge. It is an IP65 solar box as a whole, which can be used as a solar power station and solar generator. It is the power solution of all in one. Contains exchange unit (can be replaced with 4G module or 5G module), monitoring unit, solar unit and battery unit. In conjunction with Edge Span, there is also solar battery box Edge Span B60 and B200 as external batteries. Edge Span S60 contains a monitoring unit that can easily monitor the entire system, and can also be connected to various customers’ sensors and equipment, so it is a Smart Solar Box. Edge Span S60 is an off-grid solar power system, through its own solar controller and battery, it can work independently in any harsh outdoor environment. Can be used as off-grid solar power system for Video Surveillance or CCTV.

(2) Solar Cabinet

Edgeware also has Edge Equation Lite and Edge Octagon series Outdoor Solar Cabinet. They are modular cabinet designs. Contains battery, solar controller, monitoring and other functional modules. Customers can customize the battery size according to their needs. It can be designed as solar battery storage cabinet, solar battery storage cabinet, solar inverter cabinet, solar termination cabinet, solar battery cabinet, Weatherproof battery enclosure.

(3) Rugged UPS or Outdoor UPS

Aiming at the utility power scene, Edgeware also developed the Edge Span U series of products, as the DC UPS Integrated system, which contains a changeable network unit, DC UPS battery pack and full system monitoring. Overall maintenance free long life. (4) Outdoor UPS Cabinet For the utility power scene, we have also developed the Edge Equation Lite series Outdoor UPS cabinet.