Outdoor Lithium Battery Enclosure-Edge Span B200

Maintenance Free IP65 LiFePO4 Lithium Battery System

Edge Span B200 Outdoor Solar Battery Enclosure connects to Edgeware’s all in one outdoor enclosure such as Edge Span U1000/U200/U60/S60. Equipped with an expanded large-capacity LiFePO4 lithium battery for scenarios with particularly high requirements for outdoor solution system autonomy.


Edge Span B200 Outdoor  Battery Enclosure is a battery system specially designed by Edgeware for outdoor power systems. Solar energy systems are often built in remote areas, so Edgeware believes that the battery system that cooperates with the remote solar power system must have the following characteristics to save OPEX to the greatest extent:



(1) Maintenance Free


Remote solar power systems are generally deployed in remote areas, where the cost of on-site maintenance and troubleshooting is high, so system maintenance free is required to save OPEX to the greatest extent.


(2) Natural Heat Dissipation


The normal outdoor solar cabinet system uses fans to dissipate heat. However, mechanical parts such as fans will most likely have problems within 2-3 years and require on-site maintenance and replacement. Therefore, we recommend that the system adopt natural heat dissipation, so as to avoid on-site maintenance due to fans.



(3) IP65/NEMA4 Ingress Protection


The complex environment of outdoor deployment, sand dust, salt spray, high humidity and other challenges will affect the long-term stability of the system. So we think the system should reach IP65/NEMA4X level ingress protection. Although there will be additional costs for this protection, in the long run, OPEX will be saved by running it all year round.



(4) Long Life Cycle


Choosing long-life batteries can avoid replacing the battery at the station to the greatest extent. It is recommended that the charge and discharge cycles of the battery cell should reach 3000 times or more.



(5) Light and Flexible for Easy Installation


The system should be small and light, easy to transport and install.


Edge Span B200 Outdoor Battery Enclosure can be installed on a pole or wall. If it is matched with Edgeware’s Edge Span series, it can support back-to-back pole mounting.


According to Edgeware’s usual service method, we can also customize it according to your scenario




Enclosure Basic Specification

Dimension Outside


Ingress Protection




Ingress Protection






Internal Function Units

Lithium Battery from 40AH48V to 60AH48V

Battery Specification

Battery Type

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity

Default 48V50AH LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, can be customized.

System Voltage

Rated DC48V, Range DC52.5V-42V

Operating Temperature   (Charging)


Operating Temperature (Discharge)


Standard charge current


Standard charge voltage


Standard discharge current


Maximum discharge current

50A ( 3 Seconds)

Discharge cut-off voltage


Cycled Capacity


Battery Cell Specification

Basic Battery Cell


Operating Voltage


Standard Charge Current


Standard Charge Voltage


Maximum Charge Current (Continues)


Battery Monitoring

Input Voltage, Input current

Charge Current, Discharge Current

Battery Health

Battery Operating Status

Software Platform

Edgeware Convergence Software Platform

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