Edge Span B60/B200 Solar Battery Enclosure with LiFePO4 Lithium Battery for Solar System

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The Edge Span B60/B200 is a Solar Battery Enclosure for outdoor deployment. Built-in high-performance LiFePo4 lithium battery pack. Converted to solar system design, Edge Span B60/B200 solar batteyr enclosure can achieve 3000 or 5000 DOD life. We can choose according to the needs of customers. Edge SpanB60 and B200 capacities are 48V25AH and 48V50AH respectively. When you need larger battery capacity, we can customize it for you. We have customized solar battery enclosures of different specifications such as 75AH, 100AH, 150AH for different customers. These solar battery enclosures converted to solar system designs are completely designed from aluminum enclosures, with natural heat dissipation and maintenance free, making them the best choice for solar system scenarios. If combined with Edgeware’s Edge Span S60 series, it can completely achieve system-wide maintenance free. Moreover, the Edge Span B60/B200 also has a built-in BMS, which can be managed remotely by Edgeware’s Convergence Platform.