Edge Span U200 Battery Storage Cabinet Port Configuration-Mini UPS for CCTV Camera

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Edge Span U200 is a Mini UPS for CCTV Camera designed by Edgeware. By itself it can be used as an alternative to Battery Storage Cabinet. In fact, in the CCTV Camera scenario, a mini UPS is often required to provide backup power for the system. Because the reliability of video surveillance network is relatively high, the power network in many countries is not stable. However, just having mini ups is not enough. We can imagine that CCTV camera also needs to have backhaul network, POE power supply and other supporting equipment. Therefore, under the traditional CCTV Camera battery storage cabinet solution, it is generally realized by adding POE switches, routers, and merging mini UPS for CCTV camera. The Edge Span U200 gives customers an all-in-one choice. We combined POE swtich, system monitoring, mini UPS for cctv camera, battery into one outdoor power enclosure. Thus realizing all in one, pre-integrated, plug and play mini UPS for cctv camera. In addition, Edge Span U200 can also accept customized customer requirements and transform based on customer scenarios.