Edgeware All in One IP65 power enclosure box and Modular Outdoor Power Cabinet

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Edgeware has all in one IP65 power enclosure box Edge Span series and the modular outdoor power cabinet Edge Equation Lite Series. Their design philosophy is different.

(1) The main design concept of Edge Span all in one IP65 power enclosure box series is based on maintenance free design. We believe that the deployment of outdoor power solution, CAPEX is one aspect, but the most important thing is the control of OPEX. The control of OPEX requires system maintenance free, so no matter how remote the site is deployed, customers do not need to pay more OPEX for on-site maintenance. This type of series is mainly based on all-aluminum enclosure, all-in-one solution for natural heat dissipation and adaptable to harsh deployment environments. The design of the All in one IP65 power enclosure box greatly reduces the overall cost.

(2) Edge Equation Lite series is a modular out door cabinet with IP55 ingressd protection level. The design concept of this type of cabinet is mainly modular, so that various equipment of customers can be easily put into our cabinet, but the power system of the entire cabinet is a pre-integrated design, which is plug and play deployment at the station. The design of this modular outdoor power cabinet is a good compromise combining flexibility of customization with standardized deployment.

In this video, we will explain the ins and outs of the two for you, so that you can choose the product you need according to your birth experience.