Edge Span Embedded with Computing|solar powered edge computing|edge computing with outdoor ups

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Edgeware believes that in the future world, edge computing technology will inevitably accelerate development. However, Edge Computing is bound to be miniaturized and deployed at the edge. In this case, access to electricity cannot be guaranteed. So Edgeware designed the Edge Span embedded with computing for this scenario. This resulted in two models Edge Span U230L-Edge Computing with Outdoor UPS and Edge Span S230L-Solar Powered Edge Computing. For detailed models, please refer to the following link:


Solar Plant Edge Computing System with POE and Battery-Edge Span S230L-EC60


Edge Computing with UPS,POE and Battery- Edge Span U230L-EC60


Edge Computing with outdoor ups can well solve the problem of power backup, thereby providing system availability in areas with unstable power.

Solar powered edge computing can be a good solution to the deployment of edge computing in areas without electricity. And Edgeware believes this scenario will pop up in large numbers.