Edgeware provides battery management system for our telecom battery cabinet with remote monitoring

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The battery management system feature of the Telecom battery cabinet is very important for reducing OPEX and simplifying on-site maintenance. Edgeware has found in years of outdoor cabinet deployment projects that if the battery management system is not fully designed, it will bring a series of problems. Mainly as follows:

  • When a large number of Telecom battery cabinet sites are deployed in remote areas, the running time is long and the battery life is exhausted and needs to be replaced. At this time, the battery status of different sites is different. If there is no battery management, then we can only replace all the batteries at all sites. Or do a site-by-site survey for all sites, so as to know the battery condition, and then make a replacement plan accordingly. Either way, the OPEX will be high
  • If there is no remote battery management system, then we can’t know the running status of the battery, which is very unfavorable for the trouble shooting of the whole machine. Most of the time, you will have to go to the station to locate the problem, which is another factor that increases OPEX.

Therefore, Edgeware has always advocated that when the telecom battery cabinet is outside the room, the battery needs to have a BMS (Battery Management System) to monitor and maintain the battery remotely to the greatest extent so as to reduce the OPEX of the outdoor power site.