Edgeware's philosophy of designing battery storage cabinet or battery storage enclosure?

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Whether it is battery storage cabinet or battery storage enclosure, Edgeware follows several design philosophies:

  • Maintenance Free: Because our customers’ battery scenarios are generally outdoors, whether they are battery storage cabinets for solar systems or battery storage enclosures for UPS scenarios, the problems they face are similar. The site is built in a remote area and maintenance is inconvenient. If you visit the station frequently for maintenance, the station cost is quite high, which makes the OPEX of the entire product life cycle too high. Therefore, only as much maintenance free as possible can this problem be solved.
  • Natural heat dissipation: Because the site is in a remote area, on-site maintenance is difficult. If a fan is used for heat dissipation, the fan is a fragile mechanical part, which will increase the probability of customers visiting the site for maintenance, thereby increasing the OPEX.
  • The protection above IP65 or NEMA4 is basic: because it is deployed in remote areas, the environment is complex. If it is an outdoor cabinet made of general galvanized steel, it is easy to corrode due to problems such as high humidity or high salinity in the environment, and the worst can even destroy the entire battery storage cabinet or battery storage enclosure.
  • Customized design: Outdoor power solution faces diverse and complex demands, and it is impossible to respond to all scenarios with one standard model, so we advocate case by case customization.