Homologation of Edge Equation Lite In Cable Wireless Panama for Outdoor Satellite Site Power Backup

In remote areas of Panama, the supply electrodes are unstable and there is no network coverage. Under the epidemic, it is difficult for schools in remote areas to obtain the same education as in cities. Hence the need to provide distance education for these regions. Cablewireless, a Panamanian telecom operator, provides a complete solution of satellite distance education for the Ministry of Education of Panama. As a power solution supplier, Edgeware provides a complete set of solutions for POE switches, monitoring and Outdoor UPS. This solution is based on Edgeware’s Edge Equation Lite U300 outdoor ups cabinet. The system configuration is as follows:

(1) 300W DC-UPS

(2) 48V15.4AH Lithium Battery

(3) System monitoring and operation software platform for outdoor ups cabinet

(4) Edgeware POE Switch

The complete system has the following characteristics:

(1) Slot design

(2) Live Plug and Play

(3) High reliability

The system successfully passed the homologation test and was delivered in large quantities



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