How solar battery storage works?

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Solar battery storage has been around for a while but thanks to the increased in popularity of renewable energy sources, it has become one of the most sought after technologies.

Solar battery storage is a large and expensive component of solar power system but it does not have a major influence on the ratio between solar panels and batteries. In fact, most solar power systems are designed with a 1:1 ratio.

Solar battery storage can help decouple the production from consumption of electricity by storing excess power generated during times when the sun is shining and releasing it when there is no sunshine available. This also addresses another issue which is that PV panels produce direct current while household appliances work on alternating current. That means that if you want to feed your household appliances with electricity, you need an inverter since this two types of currents cannot

Solar battery storage is a major innovation in the solar industry as it solves one of the major issues that many people faced- how to run their households during night. It converts solar energy into power for the grid, which is then stored for use at night.

It has been found that batteries are a crucial component of renewable energy systems and it is now clear that any discussions about renewable energy should not leave out this essential element.

The concept of Solar Battery Storage is relatively new and its potential isn’t known yet, but most experts agree that Solar Battery Storage can significantly increase penetration of renewable energy by supporting intermittency.