How to Choose Outdoor UPS Battery for Power Bank Battery Enclosure

How to Choose Outdoor UPS Battery for Power Bank Battery Enclosure

There are many challenges when deploying outdoors. For a typical Outdoor UPS Battery for Power Bank Battery Enclosure, how to choose a suitable outdoor UPS battery is very important. This video explains Edgeware’s understanding of battery selection based on Edge Span U200.

Edgeware has always advocated the use of lithium batteries instead of lead-acid batteries. In an outdoor deployment environment, we must pay special attention to OPEX. In fact, although the CAPEX of lithium battery is high, it will bring the following benefits to the system under long-term operation:

(1) High temperature tolerance. Lithium batteries can work at 40 degrees Celsius without any problems. However, lead-acid batteries are generally 25 degrees Celsius. Lithium batteries have low requirements for heat dissipation, and can achieve the natural heat disspation we recommend, thereby helping the system to better achieve the goal of maintenance free. To

(2) Long life. Generally, the life of ternary lithium battery is charge and discharge in 1000 cycles. The LiFePO4 lithium battery can reach 3000 cycles or more. If you manage it properly and choose the scene properly, you can avoid changing the battery during the life cycle of the device. The life of lead-acid batteries is generally 600 cycles, and when outdoor use is considered, the operating temperature will exceed 25 degrees Celsius in many cases, which will affect the life of lead-acid batteries. Therefore, on the whole, lead-acid batteries will face the risk of replacement.

Please remember that for outdoor deployment, the labor required to replace the battery at the station will be very expensive. In many cases, it is inevitable that your site will appear in the rual area. Therefore, we have always advocated the concept of maintenance free. We think lithium battery is the best outdoor UPS battery. With our Edge Span series All in One outdoor UPS system, the best Power Bank Battery Enclosure can be constructed.