How to reduce the opex of outdoor equipment enclosure?

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Once the outdoor equipment enclosure is deployed at an outdoor site, CAPEX actually only accounts for a part, and more is OPEX. The OPEX over the years after CAPEX plus site deployment is called TCO (Total Cost Ownership). Edgeware has always advocated that OPEX is as important as CAPEX. So how to reduce the OPEX of outdoor equipment enclosure? From the experience of Edgeware deployment over the years, we believe that the main points are as follows:

(1) Try to make the whole system IP65, and use natural heat dissipation for heat dissipation. In this way, it is possible to avoid outdoor moisture, high salinity air, sand and dust from entering the enclosure due to the IP55 cabinet structure, thereby affecting the reliability of the equipment. In addition, because of the use of natural heat dissipation, there is no need to go to the station to maintain and replace the fan. Make the whole system maintenance free.

(2) Remote monitoring software can greatly help you monitor the running status of outdoor equipment enclosures remotely, thereby reducing the time and cost of on-site maintenance.

(3) The integrated design of All in One avoids the on-site installation and simplifies on-site trouble shooting.