How to set up outdoor cabinet defense or outdoor cabinet burglarproof?

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Outdoor cabinet defense or we call it outdoor cabinet burglarproof is a very important property. Its use is mostly needed in developing countries in Africa, South America and other regions. The main background The common people in developing countries are relatively poor, and problems such as public security and social governance cause a large number of thieves to target the battery system in the outdoo cabinet of the telecom operator or the government. These battery systems are stolen and must be replenished on the one hand, thereby losing CAPEX. But the most important thing is that if these sites are sites with high KPI requirements such as Video Surveillanc or base station, these sites will be offline due to battery problems, which will cause a lot of negative impacts. Therefore, in these countries and regions, outdoor cabient defense and outdoor cabinet burglarproof must be considered.

Edgeware’s design for outdoor cabient defense and outdoor cabinet burglarproof is based on a comprehensive system:

(1) Remote control of the door 

(2) Shock and shaking sense 

(3) 512KG power magnetic lock