How to use Small cell 5g technology with solar power? 5G Small Cell,5G ToB

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Solar Powered 5G Small Cell helps network deployment without the limitation of power supply. Solar power 5G small cell is a combination of 5G base station and solar panel, it uses solar energy to provide wireless coverage in remote areas where there are no electricity network or electrical grids are under developed. Solar powered 5g small cell can be deployed by carriers in many countries including India, Japan, Spain and Canada etc. Solar powered small cells is one of the solutions for 5G TOB deployment in urban cities which can save cost on construction materials like concrete towers and iron poles. Solar Powered Small Cell helps operators to reduce the OPEX for low traffic rural area with low density subscribers where traditional macrocellular site are not profitable due to high CAPEX/OPEX costs and lower revenues from limited users as well.

Solar powered small cells can also be used as a rural broadband solution to provide last-mile wireless connectivity.

Solar Powered 5G Small Cell is a perfect combination of two hot technologies, 5G and Solar Power. It not only helps operators deploying 5G networks in rural areas where traditional macrocellular site are not profitable, but also provides last mile wireless connectivity for rural broadband solutions. With the increasing demand for 5G services and the development of solar power technology, Solar Powered 5G Small Cell will become more and more popular in the future.