LTE/5G 3*GE Ports with POE/POE+ with SFP Uplink Designed for Solar Powered Outdoor 4G CPE

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Edgeware has developed a series of LTE modules to meet the needs of solar powered outdoor 4G CPE scenarios. The video is the LTE module we developed. The module is compatible with LTE/5G and only needs to replace the wireless modem. In order to ensure the reliability of solar powered outdoor 4G CPE network, this LTE module has the capability of dual SIM and dual wireless modem. Customers can choose according to actual needs. Most importantly, we configure 3*GE ports with POE/POE+ 30W to this LTE module, and GE SFP and GE RJ45 ports are optional for uplink. Because of the capability of this LTE module, the Edge Span S60 can easily support scenarios such as 4G solar powered video surveillance.