Outdoor Power Enclosure Comparison: IP65 All in one Enclosure or IP55 Outdoor Power Cabinet ?

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Edgeware has undertaken many large outdoor edge network projects in Latin America. Such as outdoor 4G Small Cell, outdoor wifi, video surveillance and other types of projects. Latin America is unique in its region, and you can find many extreme situations. IP65 All in one Enclosure is our last product evolved based on the experience of Latin America, and the IP55 Outdoor Power Cabinet is generally what customers would think of in this scenario. What is the difference between the two?

We developed the IP65-level All in One Power solution because of our unique experience and lessons in Latin America. The characteristics of Latin America are summarized as follows:

(1) Rain forest area
High heat and humidity, and sunny days immediately after each rain, are extremely detrimental to the deployment of outdoor cabinets. And these places are often not accessible by roads. The most exaggerated we even used helicopter transportation equipment to install in the past. It is conceivable how high the cost of installation, operation and maintenance of the entire delivery is.
(2)Desert area
This is a scene we did not expect. There are desert areas in Latin America. The problem in these areas is that a large amount of sand and dust poses a great challenge to the traditional IP55 outdoor power cabinet. And that’s the problem. Installation and maintenance in remote areas is a big problem.
(2) Sea coast
The high humidity and high salinity in the air in these places pose another challenge to the entire system.

After so many years of experience, we believe that a reliable outdoor Power system needs the following characteristics:
(1) All in One
Not only a set of cabinets, but also network, application, monitoring and Power. Need to blend together organically. While simplifying the steps of on-site deployment. Minimize installation costs.
(2) IP65 Maintenance Free
If it is IP65, no matter what the external environment, it will not affect the equipment. Moreover, the enclosure itself is best to dissipate heat naturally, so maintenance issues such as fan replacement are also eliminated. No matter how far the site is, maintenance-free saves a lot of OPEX
(3) Monitoring and Operation
The system must contain monitoring and management so that debugging can be completed without the site. If any parts are damaged, spare parts can be obtained at the headquarters and completed at one time. Eliminates the process of on-site debugging.
Please see the video content for details, thank you!