Outdoor Power Enclosure Remote Monitoring Software Function-Configure Battery Life Cycle Alarm

Edgeware’s Convergence Software Platform is a software system developed based on the background of outdoor power enclosure remote monitoring requirements. On the Convergence software platform, we developed the features of the remote battery management system. Convergence software paltform

The charge discharge life cycle of the battery can be configured. When the charge and discharge life cycle of the battery exceeds the set value, an alarm will be sent to the Convergence software platform.

The development background of this feature is because Edgeware has different types of lithium batteries, such as 18650, lithium iron phosphate and so on. Charge and discharge life cycle is not the same, there are 1000 cycles, there are 5000 cycles. When Edgeware is developed to be configurable, it can adapt to different types of batteries.