Outdoor Solar Inverter Enclosure|Solar Battery Enclosure Cabinets|Edge Span S60 500W 48V 10A Solar

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The Edge Span S60 is an all in one outdoor solar inverter enclosure designed by Edgeware. It not only has the basic functions of outdoor solar inverter enclosure such as solar controller system (500W 48V 10A), but also equipped with network module and monitoring and maintenance module. The typical model of Edge Span S60 is DC48V output, and POE output through POE switch network module. But we can also configure the inverter module to program the outdoor solar inverter enclosure according to the customer’s needs. Regarding battery equipment, the Edge Span S60 has two variants:

(1) Edge Span S60 LSP-B

  For this model, we integrate the 48V20AH lithium battery into the solar inverter enclosure. This model is an all-in-one device, but limited by the capacity of the battery, the product is suitable for low-power equipment scenarios.

(2) Edge Span S60 LSP

This type of lithium battery is a solar inverter enclosure with an external battery. We can customize the size of the external lithium battery according to the needs of customers. This form is suitable for 50-150W power consumption scenarios.