Outdoor UPS 300W/500W/1KVA/2KVA/3KVA-Edgeware Edge Power Series

Edgeware Edge Power E300/E500/E1000/E2000/E3000 Outdoor UPS System
Dimension:W*H*D 242mm*365mm*100mm
Weight:6.5kg(with all system)
Material: Aluminum
Ingress Protection:IP65
Heat Dissipation: No fan design, natural heat dissipation
System Operating Temperature:-20~+75°C, 5%~90% RH Non condensing
DC-UPS Rated Power :300W/500VA/1000VA/2000VA/3000VA
Input 110V/220V 50/60Hz Output 42.00-58.00VDC
Network and System Surge Suppression:20KVA
Smart Breaker:Remote control power on and off from Edgeware convergence platform
10A/20A/30A 110v/220v
Leakage Protection
Overvoltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Overcurrent Protection
Short circuit Protection

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