Edge Equation Lite U300 All in One Outdoor UPS Cabinet

Edge Equation Lite U300 All in One Outdoor UPS Cabinet

300W Outdoor UPS Modular Cabinet

One Equation Unlock Everything



Dimension Outside


Dimension Inside


Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel (SUS304)

Or Galvanized Steel

Ingress Protection



22kg(Will have difference based on configuration )

Edge Equation Lite U300 Structure Specification

1.Edge Equation Lite U300 Outdoor UPS Cabinet Application

Edge Equation Lite U300 Application

Edge Equation Lite U300 is an all in one modular outdoor UPS that integrates communications, UPS, lightning protection, and POE switch. The product is specially optimized according to the pain points of outdoor edge network deployment to achieve the following main functions:

  • Industrial grade layer2 POE+/POE++ switch(6 Ports 802.3at 30W, 2 Ports 802.3bt 110W)
  • Industrial grade 300W DC-UPS 
  • 48V10Ah lithium battery(2-4 hours system autonomy), can customized to 20AH, 30AH.
  • Software system for remote management and monitoring
  • Surge protection design  

2.System Architecture

Edge Equation Lite U300 Architecture

The Edge Equation Lite U300 outdoor cabinet is a product developed by Edgeware based on the all-in-one design concept. The product addresses the design pain points of general outdoor site networks, with an architecture entirely based on a slot-based design, featuring hot-swappable slots for easy replacement. The entire unit is pre-connected at the factory, eliminating the need for complex wiring by the customer upon arrival. The main slots of the unit include:

  • PWU Slot

The PWU Slot is responsible for the entire unit’s power, containing a 300W DC-UPS and Surge Protection Control Board

  • MCU Slot

The MCU Slot is responsible for the monitoring and management of the entire unit, reporting the unit’s status to the Edgeware Convergence Software Platform

  • SPP Slot

The SPP Slot is responsible for distributing DC48V, DC12V, DC24V to the devices that require them.

  • BTU Slot

The BTU Slot contains a lithium battery, providing backup power for the entire system. 

  • INV Slot

INV Slot features 4 AC Outputs, providing AC power supply to the load, this slot typically will not provide, only customer by request.

3.Internal Function Units

Edge Equation Lite U300 Internal Function Units

Please pay attetion that SWU slot has two types of Layer2 POE switch board:

(1) Option1: 8 Ports 802.3at 30W, 2 Ports SFP WAN 

(1) Option2: 6 Ports 802.3at 30W, 2Ports 802.3bt 110W, 2 Ports SFP WAN 

4.Slot Based Design

Edge Equation Lite U300 Internal Function Units

Based on Edgeware’s rich outdoor deployment experience, the Edge Equation Lite U300 outdoor UPS cabinet is designed as a slot-based architecture. All functional slots are connected to a highly integrated Backplane PCB, which simplifies the chaotic cable interconnection inside the traditional outdoor UPS cabinet. Each functional slot can be pulled out and replaced separately, making on-site maintenance and repair easier.

5.Main Features

5.1 Site and Cloud Sychronization and Visuallization

Site and Cloud Sychronization and Visualiation

Edge Equation outdoor UPS cabinet outdoor telecom cabinet has a built-in Edge Control unit in MCU slot to monitor and manage the operation of the entire system. It is synchronized to the software platform to achieve both Edge and Cloud visualization and synchronization. In this way, management and monitoring can be achieved locally at the site and on the cloud software platform. Especially when the site loses connection from cloud software, the site can still continue to operate based on the management and judgment of the Edge Control unit without relying on the calculation and management of the software platform.


5.2 UPS Remote Monitoring and Managemenet

UPS Remote Monitoring

Outdoor UPS cabinets are usually deployed in remote areas, where repair and maintenance are inconvenient. The working status of the UPS needs to be well monitored and managed. Edge Equation Lite U300 outdoor UPS cabinet will synchronize key operating information to Edgeware’s Convergence software platform.

5.3 UPS Remote Monitoring and Managemenet

UPS in PWU Remote Reset

When the network and equipment are running outdoors, there are many times when problems such as camera freeze can be solved by restarting the equipment. Edge Equation Lite outdoor UPS cabinet provides a remote reset function, which can remotely restart the corresponding site UPS on the software platform to restart the entire site to help solve the problem.

5.4 MCU Slot Can Work as Router Support 4G/5G/GPS/WIFI and VPN

Optional Function in MCU Slot

MCU Slot as a Router Has VPN Functions

The MCU slot has built-in 4G/5G/WIFI/GPS functions, and customers can choose these components according to their needs. The MCU slot itself acts as a router and can provide general routing functions, ISIS, OSPF and other routing protocols. It also has various mainstream VPN functions, such as IP-SECVPN, L2TP VPN.

5.5 Provide Different Voltages

Provide DC48V/DC12V/DC24V to Cover Most Scenarios

The system provides DC48V, DC12V, and DC24V voltages to different devices. For example, general POE Switch and Layer 3 Router use DC48V, while devices such as GPON ONT use DC12V, and satellite routers generally use DC24V. Because the Edge Equation Lite outdoor UPS cabinet provides a variety of voltage options, it can cover most of your scenarios.

5.6 Complete Options for 802.3at and 802.3bt POE Switch

802.3at and 802.3bt POE switch for SWU Slot Both Available

For video surveillance scenario, different cameras have different requirements for POE. Considering this factor, we designed two POE switch boards for the system. One supports 2-port 802.3bt 110W and 6-port 802.3at 30W. The other supports 8-port 802.3at 30W. Customers can configure according to their needs.

5.7 POE Remote Reset

POE Remote Reset

All POE ports can be remotely reset through the software platform to help customers solve simple problems such as camera freeze.

5.8 Battery Management System(BMS)

Battery Management System

Outdoor UPS cabinet is usually deployed in remote outdoor areas, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. The battery status and service life will largely cause on-site maintenance and repair. Therefore, the built-in battery of Edge Equation Lite is equipped with Battery Management System (BMS). BMS collects key parameters such as battery voltage, current, capacity, number of cycles, etc. and synchronizes them to the software platform for remote management and maintenance by operation and maintenance engineers.

5.9 Remote Control Lock for Enhanced Security

Remote Control Lock

System is equipped with remote control door lock.The picture above shows Edgeware’s remote control door lock. Essentially, it is a remote control access control system. When the software platform executes the lock command, the cabinet door is locked. When the software platform executes the unlock command, the cabinet door is unlocked. In the software platform, all operation records will be stored, so that all actions can be easily traced.

If you have more security requirements, you can refer to our technical article to know more details what Edgeware can offer:



5.10 Comprehensive IOT Outdoor UPS Cabinet

IOT Sensor Integration

This outdoor UPS cabinet is an all-in-one system that can integrate IoT sensors. Edgeware’s portfolio has a large number of different sensors to help you build a total solution for IoT scenarios. At the same time, we can also help integrate your IoT sensor into our system software and ultimately deliver and deploy it as a total hardware and software solution.





Edge Equation Lite U300



Application Scenarios

Outdoor Cabinet,

Outdoor Power Solution, 

Outdoor UPS Cabinet,

Power Storage Cabinet, 

Video Surveillance Cabinet,

CCTV Power Cabinet ,

Satellite Power Cabinet,

Satellite Site Power Backup, Outdoor

AI Site Power Backup,

Outdoor Edge Computing Power Backup,

Smart City Power Solution,

IoT Aggregation Site Power Backup,

Telecom Outdoor Site,

Remote Education Outdoor Site

Cabinet Basic  Specification

Cabinet Material

304 Stainless Steel(SUS 3040

Ingress Protection



Dual FAN System

Speed Adjustable by MCU Slot

System Power Specification

Rated Input Voltage


Max Input Current


UPS Rated Power


System Main Voltage


Other Voltage Options


AC Power Output

220V/110VAC(Only when configured with INV Slot)


Battery Type Supported

Lithium Battery/AGM/GEL

Battery Unit Capacity (BTU)

48V10AH Lithium Battery Default

Can be customized to be bigger.

System Monitoring

Power System Monitoring


Protection System Monitoring

Surge Suppressor

Environment Control

FAN Control based on Temperature

Cabinet Defending

Cabinet Door Defend

Defend Alarm

Battery Management

Battery Management System

Software Platform

Software Platform

Edgeware Convergence Software Platform