Outdoor UPS Unit for 4G Small Cell Power Backup is Better to be IP65 Aluminum Enclosure

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4G small cell power backup is usually necessary. Because the 4G small cell is not as large as the marco 4G site, it is also a part of the carrier network. The power network of many countries in the world is not stable. If the outdoor UPS unit for 4G small cell power backup is not designed, the reliability of the system will be affected.

The solution generally provided for 4G small cell power backup is based on the outdoor ups unit. In this scenario, we think the best solution is the outdoor ups unit solution based on IP65 aluminum enclosure. The traditional design will build the rectifier and battery into the outdoor cabinet to provide the function of outdoor ups. Then this design solution is too large in volume and weight, while the corresponding 4G small cell is very small. The huge outdoor cabinet solution greatly hinders the installation and maintenance of the 4G small cell. The all ine one IP65 aluminum enclosure for 4G small cell power backup provided by Edgeware is small and light, and is completely based on natural heat dissipation, reaching IP65 ingress protection level. It is the best outdoor UPS unit for 4G small cell.