Remote Control and Statistics is Important for Off Grid Solar Power System|Off-grid Solar System

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Edgeware found that our customers have two pain points with Solar Power System Solution

(1) Many customers’ off grid solar power systems are not monitored and no power generation statistics.

This brings great problems to operation and maintenance. At the same time, many sites will face the expansion of load equipment as the business develops. In the case of load expansion, there is often no objective basis for how to expand the capacity of the off grid solar system. Based on this, Edgeware has developed statistics on off-grid solar system output energy, battery charging and load useful electricity on our Convergence Software Platform. Based on this, it is convenient for customers to objectively judge the capacity of the system and determine the operating status of the existing network system. Capacity expansion in the future.

(2) Remote control for remote solar power solutions

We have found that many customers do not actually use the equipment load demand at night. However, we know that the solar system consumes more battery power at night than during the day. For this reason, we designed the remote control function on Convergence Software Platform. The system can be controlled based on time, and the solar load can be turned off within the configured time period. This can minimize the capacity of the battery and make the system more efficient.

Please check this video for more details.