Remote Control of Edge Span U300 Outdoor UPS|Video Surveillance Cabinet|CCTV Power Supply Box

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Edgeware found in the deployment of video surveillance cabinet and CCTV power supply box, the remote control function of outdoor ups cabinet is very important. The main reason is that the complex environment of outdoor deployment will encounter factors such as lightning strikes and surges. In many cases, customers will install air switches for lightning protection and surge protection. The air switch will automatically trip when there is a large surge, which will cause the whole machine to be powered off. At this time, engineers had to be sent to the scene to solve the problem. This situation greatly increases the operation and maintenance cost. Therefore, Edgeware developed a smart breaker system, which will shut down the system according to the power supply and surge conditions, and restore the power supply of the whole machine through its own algorithm when the system power supply is normal. At the same time, the smart breaker can be controlled remotely through the Edgeware Convergence Platform. This video details the remote control function for smart breaker in our outdoor UPS cabinet.