Remote Monitoring Software Function- How to Configure Battery Life Threshold

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The battery in outdoor power solution has life time, and when its life is exhausted, it faces replacement. Edgeware’s many years of experience in outdoor power solutions have concluded that battery life must be monitored well. Otherwise, when the number of sites is particularly large, some batteries are exhausted, and some do not need to be replaced, it is necessary to find out which batteries need to be replaced. Site survey. Many outdoor power solution sites are located in remote areas and face difficulties in replacement and maintenance. 

Edgeware’s batteries have built-in BMS (Battery Management System). We will give a battery health value evaluation according to the overall battery parameters. The health value of the new battery is 100%. With the use of the battery, the health value of the battery will decline. The battery life threshold can be set on the Convergence remtote monitoring software. Customers can decide the value of battery life threshold according to their own operation and maintenance characteristics of the type of battery used. When the actual health value of the battery BMS is lower than the preset battery life threshold, the Convergence remote monitoring software will give an alarm to notify the operation and maintenance personnel to replace the battery at the corresponding site. This video will show you how to configure battery life threshold.