Remote solar power System PowerCube Battery Network All in One for 4G Solar Powered Security Camera

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We found that there are all kinds of 4G solar powered security cameras on the market, and in fact, when a video surveillance project needs to be based on 4G backhaul and solar power, the requirements of each project are often different. Therefore, a standard 4G solar powered security camera cannot meet the demand. So we designed the Edge Span S60 remote solar power system power cube battery to help customers meet the needs of 4G solar powered video surveillance scenarios. Edge Span S60 can be configured as LTE uplink, supporting CAT4, CAT6, CAT12. And we can also upgrade the uplink backhaul module to 5G. At the same time, we support POE/POE+ and even POE++ 60W/90W for downlink. The system includes a solar controller and a battery, and a large-capacity external battery can also be expanded.