Solar Monitoring Software Function-Door Defend for Outdoor Solar Power Battery Cabinet Anti-Theft

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Anti-theft of the outdoor solar power battery cabinet is very important. Because the solar power battery cabinet usually has relatively large capacity batteries. And in some countries and regions with bad law and order, these batteries often become the object of being stolen. On the one hand, the loss of the battery causes economic losses, and more importantly, if the solar system supplies power to important communication systems, it will cause KPI problems for the entire network, thereby affecting revenue and OPEX. So we think that Door defect for outdoor solar power battery cabinet is a very important function for solar monitoring software. Edgeware’s Convergence Software Platform as the best solar monitoring software on the market has taken this into consideration and has joined the door defend for outdoor solar power battery cabinet. Played a good outdoor anti-theft function. In addition, for Door defect for outdoor solar power battery cabinet, we also have more functions such as magnetic lock, shock sensor to enhance the defend of outdoor power cabinet.