Solar Panel Battery Enclosure|Solar Panel Enclosure-Edge Span S60 Solar Enclosure Sunshade

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Edgeware’s Edge Span family of products can be deployed in the field as a Solar Panel Battery Enclosure or Solar Panel Enclosure. However, we found that systems like the Edge Span S60 here based on IP65 aluminum housing also face temperature challenges, especially in desert areas and areas with particularly strong sunlight. Because aluminum is a good conductor of heat, although it can export the heat in the system, it can also import the heat brought by sunlight. Therefore, in the solar panel battery enclosure and solar panel enclosure facilities, the exposure to sunlight at noon will cause the temperature to rise too fast for a certain period of time. Edgeware makes the entire temperature curve smooth by configuring the Solar Enclosure Sunshade, so that the system can work better within the appropriate temperature range. In addition, we can also customize the sunshade according to customer needs, design and print the customer’s logo and design.