Solar Plant Edge Computing is the future, Solar Power Edge Computing, solar powered edge computing

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Edgeware has always held a clear-cut view that solar plant Edge Computing or solar power Edge Computing is the future of Edge Computing. However, the solar power Edge Computing we are talking about is not the same as the product form that everyone understands. The product form we think must meet the following points:

(1) Miniaturization

We believe that the future of edge computing will change due to the evolution of the network. Edge computing nodes will be miniaturized. So solar powered Edge Computing cannot be the evolution method of outdoor micro data center on the market, nor is it the evolution method of server outdoorization.

(2) All in One

We will no longer need the separation of networks, computing and energy. Because of the miniaturization of computing nodes in the future, the All in One node, where solar energy, network and computing are deeply integrated, can match future needs to the greatest extent.

(2) Low OPEX

Because these solar sites are all outdoors, even in rural areas. Maintaining a large number of outdoor computing nodes will be very expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the OPEX after installation of the equipment as much as possible to achieve the greatest degree of maintenance-free.