Solar Powered Smart Pole for Remote Satellite Communication Site

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This video shows an example of a Solar Powered Smart Pole. The background of the project is that the operator customer needs the communication coverage in the remote area for the government implementer. Because there is no optical fiber and no 4G coverage in the local area, a remote satellite commmunication site has to be used to achieve coverage. But another problem is that there is no local electricity coverage. So the project had to become a solar powered remote satellite communuication site. At the same time, the project also needs to provide video surveillance camera and wifi ap. So in the end we designed an integrated solar powered smart pole for remote satellite commnication site for our customers. In this solution, we integrated solar controller, solar inverter, switch, satellite router, battery and other related components in the outdoor cabinet. And for the actual scene of the customer, we designed the installation position of satellite antenna, video surveillance and wifi ap on the smart pole.