Some thoughts on typical outdoor telecom cabinet solutions in the industry

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Outdoor Telecom Cabinet is widely used in the industry, but the current products are far from the needs of customers, and the deployment and solution design of each customer have caused great trouble. Edgeware summarizes the problems of the Outdoor Telecom Cabinet industry:

  • There are many standardized products, but the needs of outdoor Telecom scenarios are indeed varied, because no Outdoor Telecom Cabinet can meet the project needs through serialized standard products. And customers have to use the outdoor telecom cabinet that they can buy.
  • Outdoor Telecom Cabinet is a system that involves multiple parts such as power supply, battery, monitoring software, Cabinet structure system and so on. However, apart from Tier-1 providers, other manufacturers cannot provide a one-stop solution. Customers either buy one-stop equipment at high prices, or buy from different suppliers but take the risk of integration.
  • The design and deployment of Outdoor Telecom Cabinets requires a lot of customization work to meet precise product requirements, yet it is difficult to find manufacturers willing to customize in the market.