Surge Protection and Power System for UPS-Edge Span U200-outdoor ups for video surveillance

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Outdoor Edge network scenarios such as outdoor ups for video surveillance, power supply for security cameras, outdoor camera enclosure and other outdoor applications will inevitably face the following challenges:

(1) Lightning surge

Deploying in outdoor will definitely encounter surges caused by lightning. If there is no protection, the equipment in the system is likely to be damaged due to lightning strikes. Then the cause must be on-site maintenance, replacement of spare parts, etc., which greatly increases OPEX.

(2) Surge from Power Grid

In many countries and regions, the power grid is unstable. Instability brings a series of problems, such as under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current and other problems. If protection is done well, the equipment will also be damaged.

This video mainly introduces Edgeware’s experience in this area and how to design these experiences into Edge Span U200 products.