Surge Suppression, Overvoltage,Undervoltage,OverCurrent,Shortcircuit Protection of Power Enclosure

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According to Edgeware’s many years of outdoor deployment experience, the system proteciton must be carefully considered when the power enclosure is deployed outdoors, especially in the mains scenario.

(1)Surge suppression

The outdoor environment is easily affected by lightning and surges. If the lightning protection and surge protection of the system are not considered perfect, it is easy to damage the system and affect the reliability of the system. It even causes multiple visits to the station for maintenance, thereby increasing OPEX. Edgeware’s system considers a perfect surge suppression system, which makes the system well adapted to the challenges of outdoor environments.

(2) Protection from power grid

The power grid is unstable in many countries, especially in developing countries. Possible challenges such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, etc. When these problems caused by grid instability occur, if the system load is not protected, the system may be damaged due to these problems. Therefore, Edgeware’s power enclosures are protected against these situations, using our smart breaker system. This smart breaker also protects the system from short circuit errors.