Outdoor Camera Power Supply|CCTV Camera Mounting Box|Edge Span U200 Outdoor UPS with Sunshade

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The designed Outdoor Camera Power and CCTV Camera Mounting Box with the aluminum enclosure as the core is in certain areas such as desert areas at noon, because the direct sunlight is exposed to the aluminum shell, and the aluminum shell itself has very good thermal conductivity, which will directly bring the heat of the direct sunlight into the enclosure. internal. For the special circumstances of these regions, we designed the sunshade for the Edge Span U200 outdoor ups. The design of this sunshade perfectly matches the overall design of Edge Span U200 outdoor ups, and we can provide customized logo and branding design for customers. The sunshade itself is also compatible with antenna mounts. With the protection of the sunshade, we have smoothed out the influence of the midday high temperature in special areas on the reliability of the solar panel enclosure system. In this video you can see the design of the Edge Span U200 outdoor ups sunshade for Outdoor Camera Power and CCTV Camera Mounting Box.