Telecom Cabinet anti theft|battery cabinet Burglarproof|battery storage cabinet Protection

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Telecom cabinet anti theft and battery cabinet burglarproof are very important properties. In developing countries, theft of batteries from telecom cabinets and battery cabinets is very common. This not only affects the cost of replacing batteries, but also has a great impact on OPEX. Edgeware has also helped customers design GPS battery solutions before, but the actual use of this feature did not solve the problem. Because in different countries, the local security environment is different, there are many times even if you know where the battery is, it is a big problem to deal with it. Therefore, our improvement plan is to add remote control door lock. This door lock adopts meganetic lock with 512kg power. At the same time our system is now also equipped with shock and shock sensors to play the role of Telecom cabinet anti theft and battery cabinet burglarproof.