Test for Edge Span S60 Solar Energy Empowered 4G Outdoor CPE Designed for Solar 4G CCTV Scenario

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Edge Span S60 is a solar energy empowered 4G outdoor CPE designed by Edgeware. This product is especially suitable for solar 4G CCTV scenario. We know that the essence of the solar 4G CCTV scenario is to transmit the CCTV video data back through 4G, and at the same time provide energy for the whole system through the solar power. There are actually many solar 4G CCTV cameras on the market that claim to support this scene. But when we look at these devices, they all have huge limitations. The most important factors are:


  • Fixed battery capacity
  • Fixed solar panel capacity

The equipment is basically civilian-grade, without considering the reliability requirements of industrial-grade and professional scenarios.


So we advocate decoupling of CCTV camera system and 4G and Solar Power. Let the CCTV camera be responsible for professional video surveillance. The 4G and solar power are handed over to companies such as Edgeware, which can be customized according to the requirements of the customer’s deployment site. The features of Edge Span S60 as solar energy empowered 4G outdoor CPE are:


  • Highly customized, with different battery and solar panel capacities according to customer requirements
  • The backhaul LTE module is highly customized, can provide different rates such as CAT4, CAT6, CAT12, etc., and supports various frequency bands around the world. There may even be an option for 5G.