The history of AC24V CCTV Camera Power Supply

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In the design of video surveillance network, we sometimes encounter the scene of AC24V CCTV Camera Power Supply. In fact, AC24V is a transitional product that POE power supply cannot keep up with the power demand of PTZ camera in history. In the past, 802.3af only had a power of 15.4W. However, we know that the PTZ camera has a gimbal, so the overall power consumption is too large, easily exceeding 15.4W. Therefore, in the period of imperfect development of 802.3 af/at/bt, it has become a solution to provide high-power power to the PTZ camera through AC24V.

Why not use DC instead of AC? We know that there is a certain distance between the general security camera and the CCTV Camera Power Supply, sometimes up to 100 meters. At this time, if the DC power supply is used, the long-distance line will cause a voltage drop. Using AC24V will not have this problem because it is based on alternating current. Therefore, the technology of AC24V CCTV Camera Power Supply was born.

With the development of 802.3 af/at/bt technology, the application of AC24V CCTV Camera Power Supply is getting smaller and smaller. After all, the use of AC24V CCTV Camera Power Supply requires an additional power cord to be deployed compared to POE. In long-distance outdoor scenarios, the overall deployment cost will be high.

But please note that there are still some special CCTV Cameras that require the use of AC24V CCTV Camera Power Supply. For example, some special cameras require 150W power, so no matter what kind of POE standard can not meet, this scenario will continue to use AC24V CCTV Camera Power Supply.