The Original Intention of Edgeware, Edge to The Convergence

The ICT world is changing rapidly, the network evolves too fast, and then the Edge Network in the last mile is still fragmented. When 5G, ICT, Starlink and other technologies are evolving rapidly, is the last mile access really ready? We can see that many developing countries do not even have electricity supply, or the electricity network is too bad to support the operation of the network. The evolution of network technology has led to the trend of wireless backhaul in the last mile, and this trend has made the nodes of the Edge Network fragmented. Imagine so many fragmented sites, with low energy density, how to obtain electricity, and make sure they are given the correct monitoring and operation and maintenance?

Edgeware believes that Edge Network nodes should be all in one nodes that integrate network, power, monitoring, operation and maintenance. Edgeware’s goal is to provide customers with one-stop, all in one, convergence nodes. I hope we can join hands with you to welcome the convergence of Edge network. Edge to the Convergence.