Tiny Solar Storage for Rural Area Power Providing-Roadmap 2022 Feb

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Edgeware found that in many developing countries there are still many remote areas without network and electricity coverage. With the development of society, many governments are trying to find ways to cover the network for these areas, so as to improve the level of education and development in these areas. But even though network coverage is provided, there is no electricity coverage in these areas. And we know that to achieve power coverage in remote areas is not an overnight problem, and the investment is huge.

Edgeware believes the best way is to provide electricity through solar overlays. However, the solar energy solutions on the market today are too large and the deployment cost is too high. What these remote areas need is Tiny Solar Storage for rural area power providing that is low cost but addresses basic power needs.

Edgeware’s Tiny Solar Storage for rural area power providing solution is very compact as a whole, can support up to 70W solar panels, and is equipped with a 12V12AH LiFePO4 lithium battery. It is enough to support the lighting needs of a family every night, and to charge mobile phones or tablet devices to achieve basic network coverage needs.

Edgeware Tiny Solar Storage is designed to be small and simple, making it affordable for poor families to meet their most basic electricity needs.