Typical Configuration as outdoor wireless access point enclosure-outdoor wireless router enclosure

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Edge Equaton Lite U300 can also be used as outdoor accesss point enclosure and outdoor wireless router enclosure. The basic structure such as PWU, BTU, MCU, SPP remains unchanged, and it has different functions according to different built-in devices. If it is used as an outdoor access point enclosure, it is necessary to provide power and backhaul network to the access point. The power part is already provided by the UPS and batteries inside the Edge Equation Lite U300. All functions can be realized only by the built-in POE switch or router. Edgeware has corresponding network solutions that can provide you with End to End solutions.

The Edge Equation Lite U300 can also be set up as an Outdoor Wireless Router Enclosure. For example, only the built-in LTE router is needed to realize all the functions of UPS, battery, and LTE router all in one.